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Since 2007, we have been working hard to turn the AVIA Letňany industrial site into a modern live & work community. A community that is like no other. Quality residential housing, green spaces, and services of all kinds are waiting to be discovered.

What is hidden behind the wall?

The AVIA complex has been yearning for renewal for many years. Its walls guard 68 hectares, which is one-half the size of Prague’s district Malá Strana. It is full of industrial buildings that are only scarcely being used today. The area is missing sports grounds, public facilities and services. The area needs more green spaces, cultural opportunities, and more kindergartens and primary schools. Insufficient infrastructure, transport problems and lack of parking are currently some of the biggest problems.

The walls hide great potential that is just waiting for the right chance to emerge.


Why will we succeed?

We know how

We, at Odien, are not new to the game. We have worked in real estate development & investment management, and in the energy sector for more than 20 years. We have implemented projects that have resulted in long-term improvement of people’s quality of life. We know what is necessary to transform a project of this size, from the initial renderings to completion. Moreover, we are personally involved in all of our projects.

We always build on the same values

AVIA City is not the first project where we are aiming to improve people’s lives. We put our hearts into everything we do. As part of our Sport2Life foundation, we organize sports events for children and teach them how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We believe that the body is like a temple for the soul and we would like to show people that living a healthy and active lifestyle is possible even in a city.

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